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Village Labrags

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Labrags located in the southern part Jurkalnes Parish, Ventspils District in south and extends almost 3 kilometers across the Baltic Sea. There are 33 farms or homes and 78 residents in Labrags. Not only Labrags, the whole parish life and Jurkalnes The most noteworthy points of interest binds to the sea coast. Significant and are brighter stāvkrasts. In order to be able to attend without a problem to travelers, residents in their annual spring talks sabūvējuši are both stairs and viewing area, formed a natural trail, meadow labiekārtojuši with fire places and done many more.

Along the sea coast are located a number of interesting and memorable characters. Carved in stone on 57 ° 00 'parallel, which crosses our land, united in many towns and parishes. Following sculptor Ģirta Burvja project built oak boat - Memorial sign Jurkalnes (Feliksbergas) jūrskolas. Unique sail dunes eventually (g. Burvja work) reminds of about 5000 refugees in 1944. and 1945. year bēgot from the Soviet occupation army, boats went to Sweden. In turn, Pirita-Alsungas path 4. km of installed club - the memorial marking the young man who, 25 years negribēdami forced to serve in the tsar's army, lay in the surrounding forests. Repeatedly renewed, it te columns since the days of the lifting of bondage.

Labrags proud of its ancient wooden bridge over the river Rīvas - carpenters and engineers, the skills certification. In Latvia this is the only wooden bridge atgāžņu system design. Beside the remains of cataract, and where else Rīvas picturesque river valley!

There are two churches in Jurkalne: 1786. In celtajā Sun. St. Joseph Catholic Church is the altar, and two suspended in the ceiling of the same legendary sailing vessel model, on a lucky escape announces legend. The other is a small Ulmales-Labraga Lutheran Church (1896). It is in the famous T. Sprengel Altarpiece "Christ on the cross and the Holy Maria Magdalena".

Labrags is also a great place to relax - enjoy the nature, mushroom, pick berries, swim, go walk with the boat, or in combination with experienced fishermen - fishing. This lacuna in rural, holiday and weekend houses, baths and leisure complexes, sports fields, camping sites, tent and campfire sites.

A nearby "city" Pavilosta can boast only two pubs, but Jurkalnes whole parish has four: "Zaķu pub", "Pilsberģu pub", "Riva" Rīvas near the river and the hotel "Liedags" pub. Tavern 'Riva' and 'Liedags "Labraga located in the village area. There can enjoy traditional English dishes, fish, and there should also piemirst that Užavas is quite close to the brewery.
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